About Us

Sastho Barta is a online health tips portal. We always post tips for health. Here are all sorts of illnesses and issues with the disease. In February 03, 2019 has been published Sastho Barta .

You will get:

  • Any disease’s name.
  • Tips for the resolution of any disease.
  • Name of any disease’s medication.
  • Doctor, list of specialists and information.

Do your thing:

If you are interested in writing or posting on our website, please contact us. If you want, you can post the gateway to the post. It is worth noting that no one can mislead or be harmed by any fake or incorrect data

Our Objectives:

We believe that Bangladesh’s thousands of people don’t know about adequate health care. So we took the initiative that anyone in Bangladesh can get the correct advice on health care. Next, to us we want you, we’re next to you.

Thanks for having us.